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Whether you’ve never set foot on a dance floor before or you’re an accomplished dancer, Hollywood Ballroom has ample opportunities to develop and perfect your dancing skills.


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Types of Lessons We Offer

Hollywood Ballroom Dance Center offers a variety of lesson formats for all styles of ballroom dancing, for West Coast Swing, and for the Latin dances (Salsa, Bachata, and more.) Our spacious floor is also open regularly for practice sessions. See the listings below to find the perfect match for your learning style.

Learn to Dance

Fun and easy. Flexible and affordable.  Our Learn to Dance group lessons are the perfect way to quickly get out on the dance floor with confidence.  New sessions start every month. No contracts, no commitments.  The cost?  Very affordable.  Read more or register now.

If you’d like an even more intense learning experience, you might be interested in taking private lessons–or combining both. Contact us about private lessons.  Absolutely no pressure, no obligations.

Lessons before Dances

A very convenient way to learn new dance steps is to come to the group lesson an hour before most evening dances.

These lessons may be divided by skill level, or instructors may adapt lessons to the skill levels of the attendees. Our highly trained instructors will teach new figures and give you some time to practice, usually rotating partners.  Then when the dance begins, you’ll be warmed up, with new techniques at the ready, and having gotten to know a few fellow dancers.

The dances taught vary each evening. Both the main ballroom and the studio are used as needed. As always, no partner is necessary.

See more detailed information about lessons before dances.

To be sure you don’t miss the lessons that interest you the most, please frequently check the Calendar.

Group Lessons, Classes and Events

Many of our instructors offer classes that meet one evening a week for three, four or more weeks. The classes usually concentrate on one type of dance per class. You’ll find classes from country and swing to traditional American and International style dances.

Classes are available for all levels of dancers—beginners as well as intermediate and advanced dancers. These lessons are a very cost-effective way to learn new steps and new techniques. The cost can be as low as $5.00 an hour. No partner is necessary unless otherwise noted. For the most current selection of classes and for class prices, check our calendar.

Private Lessons

If you prefer more personalized instruction, you’ll improve much faster with individual lessons. Hollywood Ballroom Dance Center has some of the area’s most recognized and sought after instructors. Whether you’re looking for a partner for ProAm competition, want some coaching to improve your styling or you just want to learn how to dance, our instructors can help you to meet your goals. Let us know. We’ll match you with an instructor who will get you on your way.  Take as many or as few lessons as you would like. We have no minimums, no contracts and no pressure. Give as a call or  send us a note.

Other Learning Opportunities

Practice Sessions

Practice sessions offer an opportunity to practice steps or routines on Hollywood Ballroom’s spacious floating floor.

The title of the session describes the type of music that will be played. Instruction is not included. However, instructors hosting the practice session are often pleased to make suggestions when asked.

All dancers are welcome and encouraged to come.

Find out more about Practice Sessions.  For dates, details and prices of sessions, check the Calendar.


Special Workshops

Occasionally, our instructors or guest instructors offer specialty workshops. Have an idea or a special request? Please let us know. For events that have been scheduled, check the Calendar.

Our Instructors

Our friendly and highly qualified dance instructors have expertise in teaching:

  • Competitive dancing, both amateur and professional
  • International Standard and Latin styles
  • American Smooth and Rhythm styles
  • Country Western dances
  • Swing Dances
  • Hustle/Club dances
  • syllabus figures (pre-bronze, bronze, silver, and gold) and open-level figures

Our instructors are encouraging and patient in their approach to helping students achieve their goals in dancing. The continuing classes our instructors  teach can be found on our calendar. Their qualifications and contact information can be found on our page about Instructors.

Dances we teach

Listed below are some of the most popular dances we teach.

  • Bachata – A fun and energetic Latin dance rapidly gaining popularity
  • Cha-Cha – A fast-moving favorite among the Latin dances
  • The Hustle – Think Saturday Night Fever and Studio 54.
  • Fox Trot – A smooth and elegant style for couples
  • Merengue A fast-paced dance originating in the Caribbean, easy to learn and fun to do
  • Rumba/Bolero – Romantic Latin dance with sultry hip movements
  • Quickstep A flowing, syncopated style of ballroom dancing
  • Salsa – A spicy, high-energy version of Mambo that is done in clubs all over town
  • Swing (East Coast and West Coast) – Rock & Roll on the East Coast, bluesy strolls on the West
  • Tango (American and Argentine) – Dramatic Latin moves consisting of sultry rhythms and staccato overtones.
    —–Tango is said to be the Dancer’s Dance.
  • Waltz (American, International, Viennese) Graceful and elegant, slow and easy, or fast and whirling
  • Nightclub Two-Step/Sway – Easy club favorites in a variety of dance club settings
  • Specialty Dances, Line Dances and Fitness Dances, such as Jazzercise and Zumba, round out the dance experience.


“The instructor was great. We feel like we’re dancing at an entirely different level than when we started!.”

— K. R.