Absolute Beginners: New Learn to Dance series starts every month

Learn to Dance


New series starts on the first Thursday of every month.

Everyone loves to dance!  And learning to dance is easy at Hollywood Ballroom!


Hollywood Ballroom offers an exciting learn to dance program that gets you out on the dance floor quickly.

It’s not expensive. There are no ongoing commitments, no contractsYou’ll learn a skill you will enjoy all your life.

And, very importantly, Hollywood Ballroom offers you a place to dance so you can put your new-found dancing skills into practice. 

It’s a great deal!


How does the Learn to Dance program at Hollywood Ballroom work?


We have great instructors.  That’s important.  You’ll enjoy learning to dance. You’ll learn the correct basics from the start.

We offer group lessons. Let’s be realistic; group lessons keep the cost down.

Once you are on your way to being a star, by all means get private instructions!
But to learn the basics, you can’t beat group lessons.
For a less than $14 per hour, you’ll have access to a fantastic instructor.
You’ll learn the basics of up to four different dances each month.
No partner is required.  Come as you are.

The dances are carefully chosen to give you variety so you will get out on the dance floor in record time.

It’s not just about learning steps.

You’ll learn about rhythm and the essence of each dance.
You’ll learn to interact with your partner.  You’ll learn to lead and follow.
You’ll learn to be partners during a dance!

You’ll get to know other dancers on the same journey as you.

Dancing is a social experience.
Good company makes a world of difference!

The Ballroom holds social dances all the time. 

Every week there is are several Social Ballroom Dances, and a West Coast Swing Dance.  Frequently there are Salsa/Bachata Dances and country/line dances. (Most of these dances come with lessons, too!)
You will not only learn to dance, you will have a place to dance and people to dance with, all centered around Hollywood Ballroom, its spacious dancefloor, its many social dances and its friendly dancers.


How do I sign up for the current Learn to Dance series?


That’s easy!  CLICK HERE to see details of the very latest series.
Learn To Dance--Absolute Beginners Classes


Hollywood Ballroom is in Montgomery County, in suburban Silver Spring. Convenient to Howard County, Columbia, Prince Georges County, DC and Baltimore.

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Hollywood Ballroom is also host to dances by Dance Jam Productions and Mr. Mambo’s Salsa/Bachata Socials