Blob’s Park – a great place to dance

5:40 PM BR


Remembering Blob’s Park

An evening spent at Blob’s Park was always a happy time.  The place was always crowded, everyone dancing just because they loved to dance. Couples who must have been in their 80’s and people definitely in their 90’s enjoyed themselves just as much as younger dancers.

Back in the early 1970’s, Blob’s Park was considered a place to Polka. German food, a low cover charge, and good bands made for great times. No one had to teach you to dance.  You just watched other couples who looked good on the floor and copied them.  If the move was too complicated to get by just watching, you’d ask someone to show you the steps. It was a friendly, happy time.  Just get up and dance.  Dance till your feet hurt and you can’t take one more step.  Then sit down to rest before you leave, but someone asks you to dance and you’re right back on the floor again–till the crowd thins and the night ends and your feet really, really hurt.

The next day, the trip to Blob’s Park was  a happy memory.  Truly, the polkas, waltzes and friendly patrons of Blob’s Park will always be a happy memory for so many people.

Many thanks to Max Blob, Max Eggerl and all who made it what it was.